10 ways to increase guest satisfaction in hospitality

There are lots of ways to make a hotel stay memorable—from simply smiling to going above and beyond, here are 10 ways to increase guest satisfaction scores and make sure they’re going to remember their stay.

Laura Beier
June 23, 2022
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Improving the guest experience and making a hotel stay memorable isn’t as easy as checking items off a list, but it’s a start. Here’s 10 simple ways to ensure an unforgettable travel experience and increase overall satisfaction scores. 

  1. Recognition goes a long way 

Making an effort to learn guest names or address that they’ve been there before is a wonderful way to show that front desk teams care. Build some rapport with guests and call them by name when they come back from dinner or a day trip—maybe they’ll remember some front desk names, too!

  1. Making guests feel welcome 

Right at the get-go, make guests feel welcome with a welcome note or welcome message via hotel texting. Whether it’s a small card on the bed when they arrive in the room, or a text message via a hotel texting service, greetings and any information they might need during their stay can make a huge difference.

Need ideas on what to say? Want some inspiration to make sure that message is meaningful? Check out these 22 Free Welcome Message Templates.

  1. Smile, you’re (hopefully not) on camera!

A simple human gesture can make guests feel happy and comfortable, as well as boost team morale. In fact, research shows that guests have a better time when they receive service from smiling workers compared to neutral service workers. Simple, yet effective!

  1. Go above and beyond

While this one sounds like it might require a lot of effort, it’s usually the little comforts for guests. Did they forget a toothbrush? Bring them two with toothpaste. Are they looking for a dinner recommendation? Give them three to choose from. Just that little bit extra can turn a review from an 8 to a 10.

  1. Check in during the stay

Whether it’s two days or 12, checking in on guests to make sure they’ve got everything they need is key to ensuring a comfortable experience. With hospitality guest messaging, front desk teams can check on guests without intrusive phone calls or room visits—simply sending a text message reminds them that they’re cared for and can ask for what they need, without being bothered. 

  1. Clean and clear

This one is a brand standard, but that doesn’t make it any less important. A fresh, clean lobby with simple amenities like Wi-Fi and coffee are what guests are expecting—spruce it up with extra treats or a homey sitting area. 

Making sure there’s clear directions on how to navigate the property also makes a difference, especially since many guests will be on their first visit. Simple signage and instructions—or a hotel phone number that allows guests to text the front desk—to inform where the pool, gym, or conference center are will make guests feel confident and comfortable.

  1. Welcoming spaces

Not only should properties appear clean and provide the necessary information, but also add welcoming touches to make lobbies stand out from other hotels. Add small touches like flowers, complimentary drinks, and information about the area in common spaces like the lobby, computer room, or spa.

  1. Team efficiency 

Quick and easy service is a surefire way to make guests happy. With understaffing and turnover in the hospitality industry reaching all-time highs, this can be tricky, but using software like texting for hotels can help even small teams ensure all guests are taken care of.

  1. Increase accessibility 

In addition to signage and a helpful front desk, hotels should ensure that every guest is able to enjoy the experience with increased accessibility. Whether it’s a free shuttle, working elevators, or a translation feature through hospitality messaging, ensure guests feel cared for no matter the situation.

  1.  Create a unique experience 

At the end of the day, what makes memories is something special! Make a hotel stand out with unique touches and guest service.

Hotels across the world are using hospitality texting to create unique experiences at their hotels. Learn more about hotel texting or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team today!

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