5 Digital Assets To Keep in Your Kipsu Arsenal

How to keep key information organized within the Kipsu platform


Carolyn Cooper


May 18, 2022

Yearning to declutter your front desk? Seeking out ways to reduce confusion and calls to the front desk regarding commonly asked questions? Finding all your property's paper brochures wasteful, cumbersome, and a struggle to restock and store?

If you're not utilizing your Digital Assets in Kipsu yet, or maybe don't know where to start, look no further! Digital Assets allows you to create a library of helpful information to easily share with guests within Kipsu. This feature can save your team time and effort while providing valuable advice and particulars to guests, conveniently at their fingertips.

1. General Hotel Information

Anticipate questions guests may have about the property. Educate them about the shuttle service, breakfast situation, or the most infamous inquiry: how to access the wifi. Send them one link or attachment with all the information they need to settle in and start enjoying their stay. 

Oh, and did they know your hotel has a texting service??

2. Cleanstay/Housekeeping Policy

A lot has changed with housekeeping routines and cadences in the last few years. It's helpful for guests to be "in the know" on your team's housekeeping policy, especially if they haven't enjoyed a hotel stay in a while. Let them know how to reach out if their room needs attending to or if they have any requests.

3. In-Room Dining Menu

Drive restaurant sales by providing an in-room dining menu for guests to browse the delectable offerings conveniently on their phone. Or, if your hotel doesn't have in-room dining, provide a few menus to nearby restaurants to finally end the madness and help guests figure out where the blazes to eat on vacation.

4. Amenity Hours of Operation

Getting those calls inquiring how late the pool is open or how early guests need to crawl out of bed, toss on their Crocs, and shuffle down to the lobby in time for breakfast? Simply make a list of all amenity offerings and their hours of operation, and attach it to a message in Kipsu. Additionally, it'll make it tougher for any particularly mischievous guests to plead ignorance when caught trying to take a midnight swim.

5. Lists of Things To Do in the Area

When you're a stranger in a strange land, guidance on what to see or do in the area is always appreciated. Your employees are expert tour guides, whether they know it or not. Home-court advantage, baby! Introduce the guest to all gems in your city! It's a great opportunity to toot your city's horn while sharing its charm with eager out-of-towners who are excited to make the most out of their visit. Top restaurants, local landmarks, shopping, museums, breweries, wineries, distilleries...provide tips that will make their trip one they will never forget (unless they patron the latter end of that list a bit too much).

The possibilities for Digital Assets are endless, but we hope this helps jumpstart your library or inspires some creativity on how to broaden your current setup. If you have questions about how to set up your digital assets or expand your asset portfolio, reach out to your Engagement Representative or me at coop@kipsu-inc.com.

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