5 More Ways Kipsu Drives Hotel Efficiency

5 ways to drive hotel efficiency is not enough! Here are 5 other ways hotel team use Kipsu and digital messaging to cut down on front desk traffic jams and reduce chaos in their operations.

Eva Dixon
June 30, 2021
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5 ways to drive hotel efficiency is not enough! Here are 5 other ways hotel team use Kipsu and digital messaging to cut down on front desk traffic jams and reduce chaos in their operations.

Speed of Reading and Responding

Most smartphones these days automatically transcribe voicemails into text for you to read. Why? Because it’s much faster to read a message without listening to each pause or sneeze that happens in the middle of the message. Same thing goes for guest requests via text versus over the phone or in person. Texting is known to be more to-the-point and encourages users to effectively communicate information without a lot of extra information. A very upset guest might talk your ear off on the phone for 5 minutes about something that has gone wrong, but will want to save their thumbs from fatigue when it comes to messaging in an issue. In the same vein, team members can confirm answers, look up information, and compose an accurate response all while the guest is off enjoying their trip.

“Let me ask my manager”

There are times that guest issues or questions need to be addressed by someone other than your front-line team members. It could be a guest issue that is better handled by a manager or it could be a question about events that is better directed to a sales manager. In person or over the phone, team members will need to triage the message, inform the guest they are the wrong contact, and then get them connected to the correct  person. In Kipsu, agents can simply forward the message to the right person directly and seamlessly so guests talk to the right person, every time.

Save the trees, stop the printing

How many people have touched that binder of menus in the room? Are the documents in there even accurate anymore? Save on printing and digitize the documents you send your guests. Store menus, local phone numbers, lists of local attractions, and any other necessary information in Kipsu to send to a guest as needed without ever printing it out!

New team members, no new challenges

As much as we’d love for all new team members to know every answer on Day 1, that is unfortunately not the case. However, Kipsu helps new team members serve guests more quickly by offering stored answers to commonly asked questions as well as insight into other team member’s answers to guests. New hires can not only respond to “when does the pool close” with a few clicks of a mouse, but can also look at other guest conversations to see how more senior members respond to requests. Additionally, managers can keep a loose eye on responses coming from newer team members to catch coachable moments and offer feedback on how to respond to a request in the future.

Get Connected

Front desk and PBX teams have to coordinate a lot of different systems to keep a hotel running and are always tabbing back and forth between windows. When a guest calls in, an agent will need to tab back and forth from the PMS and the ticketing system to get everything entered and then watch that hop in and out of the ticketing system to track the progress. If they want to follow up with the guest when the ticket is complete, they have to call them  back (which usually goes to voicemail). Chaos. Kipsu connects to most major PMS and ticketing systems (including HotSOS, SynergyMMS, and Quore) so pertinent guest information like name, room number, and reservation dates are directly in the Kipsu dashboard and agents can create and track tickets all from the same screen. Kipsu makes it easy to log requests and inform guests as things progress.

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