5 Tactics to Drive Bonvoy Loyalty Sign-Ups

Simple ways to boost Marriott loyalty and keep guests happy.


Sonja Swanson


July 18, 2022

To boost Bonvoy loyalty members and direct bookings through the Marriott Bonvoy app or website, hotel staff are encouraged to make sure guests are signing up for the membership. But how does one do that?

From spreading the word in creative ways to letting guests know what they’re missing, there are tons of options—here are just a few:

1. Catch the guest before they arrive

The first (virtual) touchpoint hotel teams have with guests is through a confirmation email of their reservation at the property. This can be a great time to inform them of all necessary details—length of stay, location, parking information, check-in and check-out times—but also to promote the loyalty program! Let your guests know that by downloading the Marriott Bonvoy app, they are able to have contactless check-in and use their phone as a key.

Try providing a specific link in the email that leads them right to the Marriott Bonvoy member sign-up, or mention specific perks of the loyalty program. Plus, if they sign up before they arrive, this stay may include something extra!

2. Informing the guest at check-in

Check-in is a great time to connect with guests in person and let them know what benefits they could get as a Bonvoy rewards member! For instance, if members receive exclusive Marriott room discounts, let them know of this perk—it’s a no-brainer for them.

This is especially effective for repeat guests or for guests looking to access a benefit that’s only available for loyalty members. Have they been here before, and stayed enough nights to upgrade to the Silver Elite tier in the program? Let them know! Are they looking for free Wi-Fi? Send them a link to sign up for free and access this perk.

3. Hospitality guest messaging 

If a guest wants to bypass check-in or prefers contactless communication, tools like hospitality texting can help to share the benefits of the Bonvoy loyalty program and increase overall guest experience. Plus, hotel texting services provide a channel of communication for hotel teams that allows for more time to respond, increased efficiency, and less confrontation than in-person interactions.

With top hotel messaging solutions, teams can craft welcome messages that include amenity information, answers to common questions, and a sign-up link for the Bonvoy membership. If guests have questions about Bonvoy rewards or the benefits that come with it, front desk teams can respond quickly and efficiently.

4. Amenity landing pages

If a guest needs to be a part of the Bonvoy loyalty program to access something—for example, free Wi-Fi—make it easy for them to find this out and sign up! 

An easy way to do this is to provide a link to a splash page where members can log into the Wi-Fi, and nonmembers are met with a pop-up prompt to sign up for the program to gain access. This is also a good way to track how many guests are signing up for the program on any given basis.

5. Promote benefits 

If guests don’t know the benefits of a Bonvoy membership, they can’t sign up for it! Make sure the brand loyalty program isn’t hard to find out about - whether it be through social media, guest messaging, or signage throughout the hotel, spread the word.

By following just one or all of these approaches, Marriott can boost Bonvoy reward members, increase bookings, and overall guest satisfaction! Learn more about how hotel texting can help with loyalty or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team today.

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