5 Ways To Increase Guest Satisfaction With WhatsApp

How hotels can boost satisfaction scores with the most popular digital messaging app



April 18, 2022

Hotels are leaning more towards guest messaging in hospitality to communicate with their guests and elevate the experience. Using digital channels that are popular worldwide can help bridge language gaps, create a more accessible route for communication in hospitality, and increase efficiency in lean teams.

There’s way more than five, but here are just some of the ways that WhatsApp for hotels can be used to increase guest satisfaction.

1. Translation

When accommodating guests from around the world, it’s important to think about how to ease differences like language barriers. With hospitality messaging, hotels can provide a simpler channel of communication: with auto-translation features within the platform, guests and hotel teams can seamlessly converse.

Digital channels like WhatsApp also make it easier for both sides to compose messages. Writing in a different language is often easier than speaking, and texting is more accessible than calling, since no cell service is needed.

Top digital messaging services like Kipsu have auto-translation services within the platform for both ingoing and outgoing messages in 60+ languages.

2. Increase efficiency

Hospitality, like many industries, is experiencing unprecedented levels of understaffing and turnover. With digital messaging platforms, lean teams can text multiple guests in the same time as a single phone call, reach them faster, and take care of problems before they make their way to TripAdvisor.

Instead of dealing with lines at the front desk or leaving guests on hold, hotel teams can now utilize texting for hotels to efficiently communicate with guests and keep everyone happy.

3. Reach guests where they’re at

Digital messaging has been on the rise for years, and WhatsApp is by far the most popular channel, with over 2 billion users in 180 countries. 

Guests are rarely away from smartphones, so reach them directly on these devices with digital messaging. Research shows that consumers are 4 times more likely to respond to a text message than call back to a voicemail.

4. Accessibility 

Unlike SMS, or text messaging, WhatsApp works with just Wi-fi connection. International travelers don’t always have SIM cards, so utilizing digital messaging channels like WhatsApp makes communication between hotel teams and guests more accessible.

Guest messaging in hospitality also helps with travelers that may not be able to call as a form of communication for requests, due to not having cell service, language barriers, or disabilities. 

5. All in one platform 

With top digital messaging solutions like Kipsu, all messaging channels live in one dashboard. From SMS, to WhatsApp, to live web chat, all channels come through the same platform and can be managed in one place.

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