Better Together: How Kipsu + Quore Streamline Operations



September 20, 2022

When it comes to hotel tech stacks, it can be tricky to know what works best for each property, and overwhelming to know where to start. Good thing there’s a one stop shop with Kipsu + Quore, who are working together to make hotel operations easier for all hospitality team members! 

The low down on Quore 

One of the world’s leading maintenance and operations management systems, Quore helps hotels streamline the tracking of hospitality processes such as preventative maintenance and housekeeping efforts. Whether it’s day-to-day operations to last-minute guest requests, this platform helps ensure hotels run smoothly and maintain brand and quality standards. 

Quore has 5,000+ customers across 35+ countries and is available in 22 languages. Helpful features include the ability to mark oneself on or off duty through the app to avoid off-the-clock notifications; setting up preventative maintenance templates and schedules; and digitally assigning housekeeping breakout boards.

The low down on Kipsu 

Kipsu is elevating the guest experience through digital messaging. Helping service professionals create wow experiences, Kipsu creates genuine human connection through digital channels such as text messaging and social media messaging. 

Working across the healthcare, living environments, and primarily hospitality industries, Kipsu works with 3,000+ partners to provide top-notch service digitally. Features that help hotel teams operate efficiently include a handoff feature allowing users to hand off requests to other departments, and outreach features, notifying every guest at a property of a change in events, upcoming activities, and more. 

A power duo

Some platforms tout integrations with other hotel technologies, but it’s often just a CSV file upload. This must then be manually uploaded from one platform to another, defeating the purpose of a seamless integration. 

A true integration is when information is populated automatically, like with the Kipsu + Quore integration! With this integration, work orders can be created within the Kipsu platform and submitted through Quore.

Hotel teams can submit requests and communicate the request status with guests, all from the Kipsu dashboard. Plus, by connecting the data of these two top hotel tech platforms, team members can create tickets around guest requests and concerns, track the progress of those tickets, and update the guest if needed, without switching back and forth between programs.

This gets orders to who needs to see them quickly and efficiently—leading to faster fulfillment of guest requests. Learn more about how the Kipsu + Quore integration is increasing efficiency at hotels today or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team! For more information on Quore and its capabilities, visit

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