Connecting Kipsu to Your Hospitality Tech Stack

Kipsu keeps things simple for your staff with tech integrations.


Sonja Swanson


September 27, 2023

Anyone who’s worked in the hospitality industry can tell you running and maintaining a hotel is hard work! Hospitality teams, especially front desk agents, are constantly juggling multiple tasks at once and have a lot they need to keep “top of mind.” Thankfully, there are tools and software programs, such as Kipsu’s guest messaging platform, that empower these hard-working professionals with system integrations to increase their productivity and bandwidth in a meaningful way.

The Kipsu Connector is a set of technologies used to enable guest data to flow straight from a Property Management System (PMS) or other guest data source into Kipsu. Many Kipsu partners currently use one or more of the connector practices, both at the individual property level as well as brand-wide. Data shows that enabling a Kipsu Connector has, on average, improved welcome messages sent by over 80% and overall conversation flow by 72%. The high correlation between these two numbers demonstrates that when Kipsu makes it easier for front desk agents to send messages, more welcome messages are sent, resulting in more conversations and engagement between your team and guests - and ultimately leading to that highly-coveted high guest satisfaction rate.

PMS Integrations:

When Kipsu integrates with your property management system, data flows securely and seamlessly from your property’s PMS, automatically prepopulating information like guest name, room assignment, confirmation number, reservation dates, and even Loyalty Tier. We integrate seamlessly with PMS systems such as Opera, Fosse, OnQ, and more! Data shows that by making the check-in and messaging process simple for the front desk team through a PMS connector increases the average number of Welcome Messages by 80%. More initiated conversations means, well, more conversations…72% more conversations, in fact.

Hotels typically introduce the texting service during the check-in process. This is the ideal touch point for giving a personal explanation of the digital messaging service. During this introduction of the service, agents confirm the guest’s mobile number and get permission to send them an introductory “welcome message.”. At this time, the front desk agent will enter the guest’s information (typically name, departure date, and phone number) into the PMS system.

Once the check-in process is completed, a Kipsu notification will appear. The guest data will automatically populate into the Kipsu dashboard and you will be ready to send the welcome message to your guest. Having Kipsu connected to your PMS also avoids human error between systems - with populated information from your property’s PMS, you can be sure the right message is getting to the right guest.

Ticketing Integrations:

Kipsu also integrates with a property’s ticketing system to eliminate inefficiencies, drive transparency, and ensure operational productivity. We have integrations with leading ticketing software including HotSOS, Quore, SynergyMMS, OnQ, and more! By connecting the data of these two essential systems, your team can submit requests, view ticket updates, and communicate back to guests all within the Kipsu dashboard.

When a guest has a request through guest messaging, you’re able to create a ticket from Kipsu’s interface to your property’s ticketing system. The ticket will then operate just like any other ticket in your ticketing platform. As updates are made by the appropriate team the ticket’s status will automatically update within the Kipsu dashboard, directly on the guest’s conversation window, providing transparency to the status of each request, ensuring its timely delivery and happy guests.

Kipsu’s Sweet Spot

When working with multiple tech systems throughout your hotel, seamless integration that allows them to work with one another makes your workload more efficient. Thankfully, we here at Kipsu have spent countless hours working on ways to better integrate not just into your property’s processes, but into its tech stack as well. Interested in learning how Kipsu fits with your hotel tech? Schedule a conversation with us today!

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