Coordinating Teams Efficiently With Hospitality Texting

Why hotel messaging is the key to internal organization and communication



July 20, 2022

Guest messaging for hospitality has proven to elevate the guest experience and increase efficiency across teams, but it can also provide a platform for internal communication across hospitality teams! 

Learn how top digital messaging solutions for hospitality are creating smooth channels of communication between teams to give information to new hires, manage shift changes, and send out employee surveys.

Connecting with team members

Hotel texting can be used internally for a variety of use cases. Say an employee needs to call in sick or give an update that they’re running late—they can message the central property number and all team members will be notified. 

This provides a “group chat” situation without hotel team members having to give out their personal phone number or social media information.

Communication between teams is also beneficial when dealing with guest requests. Issues can be quickly solved with digital messaging between housekeeping and the front desk, or the restaurant and general manager—instead of having to run across the property, hotel texting services allow teams to communicate at the touch of a button.

This helps with team productivity across lean teams—with staffing shortages across the industry, efficiency is more important than ever.

Coordinating schedules 

Hotel text messaging systems can also be used for internal scheduling and updates that need to be given across teams.

Protocol updates and schedule updates can be sent through hospitality messaging and be received by all employees, either on the main desktop platform or via a mobile app. Coordinating who will pick up shifts or cover for another employee can also be done internally through a hotel texting service, eliminating the need for another platform or group messaging system.

This feature is helpful for payroll updates and upcoming events as well—for moments when hotels need all hands on deck, they can send information out to all employees to reference at their convenience.

New additions to the team

Hospitality messaging can also be used to communicate with potential candidates and new hires. 

Whether it’s setting up a time to fill out paperwork, a reminder to check email about an interview time, or sending a survey after orientation, hotel text messaging systems provide a secure way for new or prospective employees to communicate with current team members.

Clear communication on secure channels can help efficiently onboard new team members, especially across management companies or during peak season. Being informed and having the ability to ask questions can also help with employee retention!

These channels can also be used to send surveys to all members of the team, to garner feedback and improve systems moving forward.

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