From Stress to Success: How Digital Messaging Play a Role in a Hassle-Free Move In

How digital messaging can help relieve stress for new residents


Megan Gillett


December 5, 2022

Creating meaningful connections with residents makes their time living at your property more memorable and can make them feel at ease. Since move-in is already a super stressful time for residents and their families, properties should do all they can to ensure that residents’ big day is a little less stressful. 

Digital messaging is one way that properties can be there with the residents from when they sign the lease to their move-in date and beyond.

The little things

Making sure a resident’s apartment is fully ready and clean seems like the bare minimum, but sometimes it’s not the case. Ensuring that each and every unit has been cleaned and rid of paint smell is a good place to start for a stress-free move-in—especially because strong smells like paint can lead to headaches and nausea.

Extra gestures also go a long way when it comes to creating a relationship with a new resident. Leave a little welcome gift for your guests and greet them in the community. Fresh flowers left in a kitchen area, a note saying welcome, or a list of coffee shops nearby the property would be great ways to introduce a resident to their new area. 

Open lines of communication

Maintaining open communication with residents can be helpful when approaching a move-in day. Contact residents prior to move-in asking if they have any questions regarding the big day. Follow up with them after moving in to check how their stay has been so far and encourage them to reach out for any more questions they may have. 

Digital messaging can be a great way to help connect with residents and ensure that messages sent are being read. Create an open and frictionless channel where guests feel comfortable asking questions, reaching out for concerns, and any other communications. 

Welcome home

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and welcome in their own home. This is something that properties can help with by ensuring apartment units are clean and ready for move-in, including thoughtful touches, and creating open lines of communication.

Digital messaging for residents can help make residents feel welcome and lessen stress on move-in day. Learn more about resident messaging or schedule a conversation with our team today.

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