Hospitality and AI: How the New Technology Can Help With Hotel Texting

How hotel texting software leans into the newest technology trends.


Sonja Swanson


December 11, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking over the tech industry, and while we may not think of the hospitality industry as tech-forward, AI is quickly becoming a part of a front desk agent or GM’s workflow. AI is a great feature to supplement your guest messaging software, and while some are skeptical about AI, it can help your staff provide excellent customer service without losing the human connection that is inherent with guest communication. Take a look at how AI-suggested replies can help boost your guest messaging experience. 

AI Can Help Keep Your Messaging Consistent

AI-suggested replies use your previous conversations through guest messaging to generate a response that would be consistent to your previous responses to similar questions. It doesn’t take data from the internet to make a generic response; instead it takes your property’s conversation data to generate a customized response for your guests. That means the AI replies won’t sound like a robot; they’ll sound like you and your staff. When using the suggested replies, you can trust that the conversations will be consistent with your branding and customer service. Especially when onboarding new employees, these AI suggestions will be helpful as an example of what your service looks like as well as leaving little room for error. 

How AI Adapts to Your Changes

There are times where your usual routines change. Let’s say you are renovating your pool area, and therefore it’s closed. AI-suggested replies will recognize your message that differs from your previous responses and adapt, so the next time someone asks about your pool hours, AI will use your most recent response as a top suggestion, rather than your standard response. With the adaptability that comes with AI, any changes that are happening at your hotel are immediately implemented into your messaging software. 

Alleviate Staff Shortages With AI

Many hotels are familiar with staff shortages, and it is bringing unique challenges for providing exceptional customer service. Guest messaging on its own already alleviates unnecessary strain on your staff, as they can respond to multiple requests at the same time. AI-suggested replies take that one step further by enabling them to respond to simple questions with one click. Instead of having to type out the same answer over and over, AI will let the front desk quickly read the response and press “send”. This allows them to help the next guest with their best service and takes a lot of stress off of their hands. 

As technology continues to advance, hotels are able to leverage advances like AI to step up their service. Kipsu’s guest messaging offers AI-suggested replies that keep your guests and staff connected in a digital landscape. Schedule a conversation with us to learn more about our AI features.   

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