How To Boost Brand Loyalty: Luxury Edition

Ways to solidify your luxury brands and build out a loyal customer base



January 13, 2023

Today more than ever, customers are vocal about their expectations and what they’re looking for in levels of service. Luxury hotels have a step up here, given the exceptional level of service and specialties they can offer.

But the key to repeat business isn’t just attracting new customers—it’s retaining existing ones too. Build out a personalized experience with consistency and special perks to ensure your guests can trust your brand and keep coming back.

Why loyalty matters

It may seem like a no-brainer, but loyalty programs are one of the main ways to drive revenue and see continued growth in your hotel business. It works for itself, too—satisfied guests and good service leads to great reviews and word-of-mouth marketing.

In fact, 77% of customers surveyed stated they would choose a brand they are loyal to over a competing brand, even if it’s more expensive. That’s a lot of repeat customers that trust their brand and the level of superior service it provides—and that they’ll talk about!

This is invaluable in itself, since over 87% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. Not to mention that hospitality is one of the main industries in which customers have likely read reviews before purchasing a night’s stay.

How to build trust

So, how to gain that guest’s trust and build a loyal customer base? The first and most important step is providing stellar service. Whether it’s providing extra treats at check-in, communicating with guests throughout their stay, or giving local recommendations, guests will remember the staff that went the extra mile.  

Luxury brands often also have the opportunity to create relationships with their guests, at smaller and more curated properties. Just remembering a guest’s name or that they enjoy golfing can go a long way. Fostering relationships and personalized experiences are sure to be memorable for guests and keep them coming back to a brand they can look forward to.

With this comes recognizing that guests trust brands they can relate to and that uphold values and standards that they believe in. Show that your brand aligns with the same things they do by hosting charity events they’ve shown interest in, donating to local initiatives, or put on a holiday giving event for the community. 

Quickly resolving any issues that may come up can also help build that trust and make a good impression. This is the case at any hotel brand, regardless of tier or level of service, but luxury brands need to uphold the utmost level of request completion and service recovery.

Importance of a brand

Solidifying a brand isn’t just a way to boost loyalty, but a necessity to stand out from competitors, build that trust, and even create new revenue streams. Ensure that your hotel has consistent visual branding across properties, the same level of exceptional service, and unique aspects that guests can only find at your locations.

Once your brand is secure, a surefire way to show guests that they can rely on you is through communication and consistency. Using hotel guest messaging to reach guests on the channels they use most shows dedication and provides them a way to ask for what they want without long lines at the front desk or being left on hold. 

With consistent branding, satisfied guests, and effective communication, you can begin creating new revenue streams—maybe a new cafe in one of your properties, or a spa. Guests will know they can trust offerings from your brand and partake in the new additions.

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