Kipsu Celebrates One Year As Preferred Partner With IHG Hotels & Resorts

We share our favorite highlights following Kipsu’s one year anniversary as an IHG Preferred Vendor.


Lucianne Colon


April 17, 2023

2022 brought some thrilling news for us: Kipsu was named a Preferred Partner with IHG Hotels & Resorts. This partnership meant Kipsu had an opportunity to help hotel staff streamline and reduce their workload while enriching the guest experience across IHG’s entire portfolio of properties. Tailored with IHG in mind, Kipsu allowed for existing ticketing and project management systems to integrate seamlessly with our messaging platform. 

So what’s happened in the year since our partnership? Our 3 favorite milestones are:

1. We partnered with over 340+ IHG hotels in more than 10 countries 

Our dedication to customer success helped us forge relationships with IHG hotels all around the world. Our messaging solution empowered front line teams to engage with guests proactively and preventatively—at all service levels and hotel types.

2. We met with IHG hotels at the 2022 IHG Conference 

Hospitality Conferences are back, and we’re attending as many as we can! Our customer success team had the pleasure of attending the 2022 IHG Conference. We met with IHG teams worldwide, sharing insights and education on leveraging Kipsu’s platform to simplify and improve operations. 

3. We supported IHG teams with learning content

For those we couldn’t meet in person, Kipsu offered a number of on-demand webinars! By offering both real time and virtual training, Kipsu taught IHG teams the best practices for guest messaging, equipping them with optimal guest engagement strategies. 

What are the people saying?

Worldwide, Kipsu helped teams promote guest loyalty, while ensuring current loyalty members felt valued. 

“People appreciate that you’re checking in on them. I’ve just been really impressed with the customer service that Kipsu has for the hotels.” -Veronica Rosbolt, General Manager at Holiday Inn Express and Suites (Bloomington, Minnesota)

Kipsu also helped hotels improve their scores and communicate their unique amenities via text.

“A big thing that Kipsu has helped us with is telling guests how our brand is a little different…Instead of having to answer a phone call, it’s a click…I think [guest satisfaction scores] jumped five points within three months of bringing [Kipsu] on.” - Clinton Heino, General Manager at avid Hotel (Roseville Minneapolis-North)

And finally, Kipsu helped hotels recover discontent guests before they landed on review pages, curating memorable attention to detail for the guest and protecting hotel ratings.

“[The mid-stay check in] is probably my favorite feature…people could be having a mediocre stay but you don’t know that, until they give you a six on a survey…It’s like, I wish we had known it wasn’t that great.”-Alyssa Sullivan, Front Office Manager at Crowne Plaza Suites (Providence-Warwick Airport)

Looking forward to 2023 and beyond

We are thrilled to continue our successful partnership with IHG and look forward to the 2023 IHG Conference. Meeting our partners in real-time is a gift, and helps us bridge the human connection that is at the very core of our company ethos. Kipsu is always committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our partners. Learn more about Kipsu for IHG hotels and schedule a conversation with our Customer Partnerships team today!  We’d love to talk to you. 

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