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5 ways digital messaging can help hotels better service their guests and spread some holiday cheer



December 12, 2022

‘Tis the season of carols being sung in the street, lights and festivities galore, and spending time with loved ones. You know what that means: Travel time! 

With the joy of the holidays comes a flurry of air travel and family trips across the country that the hospitality industry needs to prepare for. Good thing we made you a list of ways that hotel guest messaging can help with this busy season and spread some holiday cheer along the way!

  1. Fast service recovery during those fully-booked holiday nights 

Even though this year is showing less travel than previous years for the holiday season, nearly 50% of people living in the U.S. reported that they’ll be traveling at some point in December. That’s over 160 million people catching flights and booking hotel rooms to see friends and family over the next few weeks!

Hospitality texting can help hotels fulfill requests quickly and efficiently so that each and every guest is taken care of, even on those nights when every single room is booked. Instead of long lines at the front desk or leaving guests on hold, hotel teams can communicate with guests on digital channels to quickly recover service and ensure maintenance requests are handed off to the right person.

  1. Increase efficiency for lean staff

Hotel staff is going to be taking off time for the holidays, too, so teams might be operating lean during this heightened travel time. To avoid buildup and stressed front desk workers, hotel text messaging systems can be used to manage all communication and requests, from housekeeping to maintenance. 

It doesn’t stop there— top hotel guest messaging platforms have multiple PMS integrations, that make it easier than ever to coordinate guest requests, close maintenance tickets, and ensure a satisfactory experience, all in one place. From ticketing platforms like Quore to PMS providers like Opera, lean hotel teams can keep hotel operations running smoothly and keep guests satisfied with digital messaging integrations.

  1. Easily personalize guest messages to add nice touches 

With hotel texting, conversations are unique between hotel teams and each and every guest. This makes it easier to add personal touches to welcome messages, responses to guest requests, and more. 

Responses can still be curated and customized if teams use welcome message templates. Add a bit of flair and make guests feel special with conversations just for them.

  1. Communicating special offerings 

Guest messaging isn’t just for checking in on guests or fulfilling maintenance requests. It’s also a great way to communicate offerings in the surrounding area, especially around holiday time!

Let guests know about events or festivities happening at the hotel (or in nearby areas) via digital messaging. Whether Santa will be visiting the property, or there’s a light show a few blocks away, hotel teams can send out texts individually or to everyone staying at the hotel at the touch of a button.

  1. Make everyone happier 

By using hotel guest messaging, stress levels can be lowered and guest satisfaction can soar. Efficiently-operating teams can organize internally and serve guests by communicating via hospitality text messaging systems, providing a memorable experience for guests this holiday season. 

These are just some of the ways digital messaging for hotels can boost guest engagement and elevate the experience for both staff and guests. Learn more about hospitality messaging or schedule a conversation with our team today!

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