How System Integrations Are Making Life at the Front Desk Easier



June 3, 2022

There’s a lot to keep track of at the front desk of a hotel: checking in guests, booking reservations, making maintenance requests… we’ll stop there. Technology is making it easier with platforms that manage all of these tasks, but when there’s so many to keep track of, it stops being efficient.

Top hotel tech platforms, like hospitality texting services, integrate with other tech platforms to streamline processes and increase efficiency, overall creating a better guest experience.

Key integrations

When it comes to “integrations,” a system is either pulling or pushing information. Top guest messaging for hospitality solutions like Kipsu have an open API, meaning any platform can integrate with Kipsu.

Many platforms tout integration with other technologies, but it’s really just a CSV file upload that then has to be manually uploaded from one platform to another. A true integration is when information is populated automatically. The following are integrations are available for Kipsu:

Quore is a software that allows hotel teams to organize property management—from housekeeping schedules, to pool cleanings, to maintenance requests. With the Kipsu and Quore integration, work orders can be created within the Kipsu platform and submitted through Quore. This gets the order to who needs to see it quickly and efficiently, leading to faster fulfillment of guest requests.

Crave Interactive provides in-room tablets for hotels that guests can search for food and beverage options on, as well as order directly to the room. This integration allows guests to communicate with the front desk through a feature within the tablet—the front desk will automatically know which room number the conversation is initiated from.

  • OPERA (and other PMS systems)

OPERA Cloud is a hotel property management system (PMS) that manages hotel operations, guest preferences, room inventory and rates, and more. Upon guest check-in, a Welcome Message Reminder can be populated in Kipsu from OPERA with guest and reservation information. Kipsu integrates with over a dozen PMS systems. Want to know if yours is one of them? Ask us!

HotSOS is a cloud-based mobile solution for hotels that manages the guest request, service order tracking, and preventative maintenance operations of the property. The integration allows work orders to be created in Kipsu, submitted to HotSOS, and status updates sent back to and viewed in Kipsu.

A hospitality maintenance and operations support system, SynergyMMS provides coordination between front desk / PMX, engineering, housekeeping, and management. Another integration that allows work orders to be created within Kipsu and submitted to SynergyMMS, team members can then see status updates on requests as they come in within the Kipsu platform.

Using these integrations, front desk teams can keep track of reservation and repeat customers, manage guest data, and fulfill guest requests through the Kipsu and PMS integrations. Instead of balancing a messaging platform on top of PMS, hotel teams can utilize a single platform that integrates with everything else. Everyone’s happy.

Multiple channels

Not only do top hospitality messaging solutions provide texting for hotels through SMS, but also communication through a variety of digital messaging channels. This allows hotels to reach guests who may not have cell service or a SIM card, via social media, or in the booking process via Apple or Google Maps.

  • In-App Messaging

Hotel brand apps allow guests to quickly book a stay, keep track of rewards points, and check in and out from their smartphones—one of messaging’s most popular use cases. With Kipsu integrations for in-app messaging—including the Hilton Honors App, IHG One Rewards App, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts app—guests receive a text to download the app, allowing them to communicate directly with hotel staff within the app. This not only enhances the guest experience, but increases brand loyalty.

Potential guests can message directly from the iMessage application when searching for a hotel on their iOS device, with just a Wi-Fi connection. This creates another channel for Kipsu users to communicate with guests on, and can initiate a pre-booking conversation.

Google's Business Messaging goes beyond traditional SMS by giving customers a fully branded, rich experience. Through this digital messaging channel, Kipsu users can gain native access to 2.5 billion Android users, as they message from Google Maps and Search whenever and wherever they want.

Hotel teams can communicate directly with guests who found the business Facebook page and make a good impression before they even get there with Facebook Messenger communication via Kipsu. Users can answer common questions about hours, availability, and parking, all from the Kipsu platform.

Through Kispu, hotel teams can connect with over 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide. This channel of communication allows conversations to flow in over 60 languages with the translation feature, all with just a Wi-Fi connection.

Hotel properties can customize this digital messaging channel with the Kipsu integration by sending personalized introductory messages and match popups to blend into existing web design. From there, guest tone can be evaluated for real-time feedback, and conversations can continue via SMS or another digital messaging channel.

Ultimately, guests benefit from integrations with work order and PMS systems, due to real-time updates, follow-ups, and problems: solved.

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