Millennial & Gen Z’s Traveling Preferences

How Guest Messaging Can Attract Millennials and Gen Z Travelers


Mackenzie Matthees


June 10, 2024

Millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the travel industry with more unique preferences than previous generations. They are a tech-savvy population, looking to immerse themselves in new cultures and create personalized vacations. Currently in America, about 60% of this year's hotel bookings are expected to be made by Millennials and Gen Z. Let’s dive deeper into the preferences and behaviors of Millennials and Gen Z travelers, and how guest messaging meets the expectations of this important demographic. 

1: Personalized Experiences

Many Millennial and Gen Z travelers are seeking unique experiences that are curated to their interests. They are integrating a new kind of travel experience that their friends and family did not think of prior to this time. Millennials and Gen Z are yearning to understand new cultures, far-off locations, and eager to try modern experiences. These travelers value authenticity and are likely to choose the locations they want to travel to that align with their interests. Gen Z especially values a “tailored” experience when traveling. Front desk staff can use guest messaging to share their recommendations of local attractions to young travelers, giving them the personalized experience they are looking for. 

2: Dining

Both Millennials and Gen Z prefer local cuisine and take-out options. They look to immerse themselves in the culture by visiting local restaurants and bars. Over two-thirds of travelers in these generations say experiencing culture is a top reason for traveling in 2024, so it makes sense that this group is continuously looking for local cuisine and cocktails that are going to “wow” them. Additionally, Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to order takeout or use apps to order food. Nearly 65% of millennials order take-out regularly while traveling, compared to only 29% of Baby Boomers. Considering these statistics, it is important to find ways where your guests can easily order take-out, both from local establishments that you recommend, and at your in-house restaurant to enhance their experience and increase your revenue. With guest messaging, you can share menus of in-house restaurants and have guests text in food orders that can be sent right to their room.

3: Digital Convenience 

The best way to meet Millennials and Gen Z travelers is digitally. They are the most tech-savvy travelers and they expect the same from their hotels. They heavily rely on digital platforms for traveling; including the booking experience, check-in, and even ordering take-out as mentioned previously. Specifically with Gen Z, they spend an average of 7.2 hours of screen time daily, which has shaped their preferences and expectations for digital experiences. One of the main things that comes along with the digital convenience is the ability to use smartphones for every part of the travel experience. Backing up that statement, around 80% of Gen Z travelers use their smartphones to research and book travel. Using guest messaging ties perfectly with this theme that Gen Z and Millennials are using their smartphones for almost everything. Leveraging technology and text messaging capabilities, hotels can reach out to guests more quickly and conveniently, than by email or calling. 

These are just three trends that contribute to the changes that have been happening in the travel industry. As Millenials and Gen Z increase their traveling, it's important to adapt to their preferences and anticipate the changes that could be impending in the future. One way to do this is through guest messaging. Guest messaging embodies exactly what these next generations will be expecting when they travel anywhere. 

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