Property Management System Integrations: The Benefits of Using a PMS Connector With Guest Messaging Technology

Technology that connects with your software so you can focus on connecting with your guests.


Sonja Swanson


August 21, 2023

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve probably heard about digital messaging. Maybe you’ve heard hotel texting has boosted key metrics for survey scores. Or maybe you’ve heard that it is a great way to improve your onboarding and help streamline operations. Whether it’s for your staff or guests, digital messaging technology is building a better experience for everyone. There’s just one question: is adding another software system more work than it’s worth? 

One of the many drawbacks to introducing new technology to your property is the additional work it may put on your hotel staff. Manually reentering data from your property management system (PMS) into new software can be tedious and time-consuming for hotel staff, cutting into the time that could be spent actually using that software. Even if there are benefits to implementing new technology in your hotel, is it worth it if it’s only going to add more work for your staff?

That’s where a connector comes into play. A connector is a one-way integration, passing guest data from your PMS to guest messaging software. There are several reasons why it’s helpful to have a connector integrate between the two systems, so let's take a look at some of the key benefits:

Graph showing the increase of guest conversations per day after implementing a PMS connector.

1. Reduce the workload for your staff.

The primary benefit of such an integration is that it reduces the amount of work that hotel teams need to do in order to use your new software to engage with guests. Front Desk Agents will no longer have to manually reenter guest data, thereby reducing the time it takes to send a welcome message to a guest.

2. Reduce data entry errors.

Human error is inherent in manual data entry. When you use a connector, you no longer need to worry about small, overlooked mistakes. It automates the data entry process, eliminating human error. If you enable your PMS and guest messaging software to interact with one another using the connector, then your staff and guests can connect with one another using human interaction.

3. Increase the number of guest conversations.

The primary focus for your team should be the guest. When you are spending less time dealing with guest information, you leave more room for guest interaction. Our partners saw a 65% increase in conversations per day after using the Kipsu Connector! The connector gives hotel staff extra time to optimize the guest experience.

Image shows TripAdvisor score improvements for four different properties.
*This analysis measured the change in Kipsu activity from 18 properties live with a PMS connector.

4. Increase online survey scores.

With the increase in guest conversations, you are hearing guests’ feedback in real time. This provides you the opportunity to turn any wrongs into rights, showing off your top-notch customer service. Preventing any major issues and responding to your guests immediately will leave a lasting impression. That is why our partners have seen their TripAdvisor Scores improve by up to 7.7%. Spend more time giving your guests the “WOW!” experiences they will want to share with the world!

So is it worth it to add guest messaging software? When a PMS connector does the extra work for you, it’s absolutely worth it. New technology can be intimidating to add to your PMS, but with the right tools, you can optimize the technology to alleviate your staff and elevate your guests’ experience. Learn more about the Kipsu Connector and how we integrate with your PMS and schedule a conversation with us today!

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