5 Ways Hotel Messaging Streamlines Everyday Operations



August 19, 2022

When it comes to working the front desk at a hotel, there’s never a dull moment. From fielding calls about vacancy to checking guests in, it can be hectic and stressful to get to everything while maintaining a satisfactory guest experience. 

With hotel messaging, hospitality team members can streamline everyday operations by coordinating internally, communicating instantly, and integrating with PMS and maintenance systems.

1. Instantaneous communication 

Nobody likes playing phone tag, or waiting in long lines at the front desk. With digital messaging, most common in the form of SMS messaging (text messaging), communication is instant and simple. 

By using hotel texting, team members can converse with guests and get them what they need quickly, instead of keeping them on hold. Digital communication also allows for better record keeping, so maintenance requests can be kept track of and fulfilled more efficiently. 

With top hotel texting services, properties can communicate with guests over multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Messages for Business, opening up lines of pre-booking conversations. 

2. Coordinating teams internally

Hospitality messaging isn’t just efficient for front-of-house: teams can use hotel texting services for internal communication as well. 

Whether it’s scheduling team members and coordinating shifts, or providing a secure channel for a group message, communicating internally helps immensely with backend organization. Human resources teams can use hospitality messaging to securely send documents to team members, managers can notify teams of shift changes, and new hires can be quickly trained into just one platform.

3. Juggle multiple requests simultaneously

Guest messaging also allows for simultaneous task management. Texting with a few guests to answer questions and get them checked in is made possible via digital channels, instead of one-to-one contact.

Common questions can also be answered at the touch of a button with welcome message templates, by looking at past conversations, or by sending documents with hotel information such as pool hours or the restaurant menu.

4. Integrations with PMS

Streamlining operations doesn’t just mean those that are customer-facing. With multiple PMS integrations, top hotel guest messaging platforms make it easier than ever to coordinate guest requests, close maintenance tickets, and ensure a satisfactory experience.

From integrating with ticketing platforms like Quore to organize work orders, to working with PMS providers like OPERA to manage guest information, top hotel texting services align with hotel management softwares to increase efficiency and overall provide a smoother guest experience.

5. Real-time feedback 

Via welcome messages, surveys sent with mid-stay check-ins, or just consistent communication, hotel teams can gain insight into how their guests are doing at every point in their stay.

Hotel texting opens up a channel for guests to mention potential issues with their experience that may allow them to be more honest than in-person or over a phone call. Plus, when hotel teams check in, it gives an opportunity for them to learn how to improve the guest experience while the guest is still there, instead of learning about it in a review afterwards.

These are just some of the ways that both front and back-of-house operations can be streamlined by utilizing hotel text messaging systems. Learn more about hotel tech integrations with Kipsu or schedule a conversation today.

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