‘Til check-out do us part: Best ways to communicate with guests during wedding season

Guest messaging features that improve the experience for newlyweds and their guests


Mackenzie Matthees


July 8, 2024

May through October is peak wedding season, and we are currently in the thick of it. It can be a stressful time of year not only for brides and grooms, but also for the hotels involved in their special days. Thankfully, there are ways that  can help your property run smoothly. By using tags and the outreach feature in your guest messaging software, your team can send targeted group messages that keep guests and staff connected and coordinated on the “day of ''. This ensures clear communication for everyone involved.  

What is a guest messaging outreach feature?

A broadcast outreach messaging feature is driven by tags and timing, independent of stay dates. The messages can be sent to all guests, or they can reach guests grouped by tags. The outreach feature is designed to ensure guests receive crucial updates such as maintenance notices, emergency information, and event changes. 

Managers and admins can send outreach messages by creating different tags for each group, such as the “Anderson Wedding,” and send the same message to multiple guests affiliated with the wedding. Each guest will receive their own individual message, and will be able to respond individually as well. Simply click on a tag or select the “last interaction” group, compose your message, review for any errors, and then click send! 

Outreach feature advantages 

The outreach feature presents numerous advantageous opportunities for your hotel, especially during the peak of wedding season. There are several wedding scenarios where leveraging this feature can prove to be highly beneficial.

One great outreach opportunity occurs when wedding blocks are hosted at your hotel. If guests use a shuttle service to commute between the hotel and the reception venue, using the outreach feature allows for efficient communication. With a text message, staff can inform wedding guests about the shuttle schedule, including operating hours and frequency of service.

The outreach feature is especially helpful if the wedding reception is taking place at your hotel. Another way to use this feature is to send out a message to wedding guests where to park, where in the hotel the reception is taking place, and any extra information that is needed the day of the wedding.

Another scenario where this feature proves to be beneficial is in the event of anticipated inclement weather in the area. Nobody wants to have rain on their wedding day, but we can’t control the weather. What we can control is the planning and response to the weather. You can help ease the bride and groom’s stress around the weather through effective guest messaging. By sending a message, you can inform guests about the expected weather conditions and provide guidance on emergency procedures or venue changes. This proactive communication ensures clarity and addresses any uncertainty guests may have regarding emergency protocols.

For such an exciting event like a wedding, your seamless communication will bring much-needed reassurance to the newlyweds. The outreach feature in guest messaging serves as a vital tool for hotels to streamline operations, improve guest experiences, and maintain seamless communication during busy periods like wedding season and other events. Its versatility in facilitating targeted messaging ensures that both guests and staff stay connected and informed, contributing to a well-organized and stress-free environment for everyone.

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