Why Your Hotel Doesn't Need Guest Messaging

Digital messaging doesn't work for every hotel - does it fit your hotel's needs?


Sonja Swanson


September 5, 2023

Are you trying to weigh the pros and cons of guest messaging? Maybe you don’t know whether implementing such a service is the best fit for your hotel. It’s not a fit for everyone! Here are reasons why you shouldn’t get guest messaging.

Your Guest Satisfaction scores are as high as you’d like them to be.

If you've hit your sweet spot on where you'd like to be for your satisfaction scores, it's probably a good idea to avoid Kipsu. We've found it to have significant positive impacts across all survey categories and service levels.

You prefer hearing about negative experiences at your property from TripAdvisor and Survey feedback.

Everyone likes a good surprise, after all. Where would the fun be in having an easy, convenient way for guests to reach out with questions, requests, or the occasional complaint? That would provide time to do some service recovery and possibly turn the whole experience around, resulting in fewer disappointed and frustrated guest reviews to read on TripAdvisor and survey reports.

Can you believe when properties use digital messaging, Kipsu will automatically send out a message halfway through their stay to check in on how it's going? Man, opening that door would uncover all sorts of opportunities and feedback.

Hearing about it in all caps in a public review after you can't do anything about it is so much more exciting.

The guest can seek out engagement from staff if they want to.

Kipsu allows your team to initiate a conversation with guests, intercept feedback or uncover opportunities to go above and beyond, building a memorable experience and loyalty. A recent survey found that 80% of guests say fast, friendly service and support from hotel staff is the most critical factor in a satisfied stay

Not only do loyal guests spread the good word to friends about their amazing experience, they also tend to spend more on subsequent visits. They are willing to pay more for a room, are less sensitive to price increases, and take advantage of upgrades, add-ons, and hotel amenities much more than first-time visitors. These factors all add up to a 57% average increase in room revenue. But we certainly wouldn't want to bother guests by checking in on how it's goin'.

And who'd want their property reachable by travel planners and road-trippers googling a place to stay while on the go? Being able to correspond live via Kipsu's integration with Google Business Messenger helps secure more bookings. But as they say, "More bookings, more problems." Right?

Your team thrives when they have a long, exhausted, short-fused line of travelers at your front desk, waiting for service.

Ever try doing a difficult task while a room full of people stare at you? Now have those people fresh off a long flight or road trip with crabby kids, ready to kill for a room to put their bags in. Sounds like a nice challenge! I mean, they can call and maybe be put on hold for an undisclosed amount of time if your team is tied up with other guests, right? They'll be happy to wait.

It'd almost be too easy to have the ability to answer multiple guest questions and requests in a matter of seconds via text. All while the guest is able to continue enjoying the pool or relax in their room with minimal impact to their current preoccupation. The response from your staff almost feels instantaneous from the guest's perspective and your front desk agent is already efficiently fulfilling another request, without dozens of eyes burning through his, her, or their soul.

But if your front desk agents prefer those long lines and gambling with dwindling guest patience, guest messaging probably isn't the way to go.

You don’t have a need or goal to increase your RevPAR.

Much like when you give a mouse a cookie, introducing Kipsu at your property can lead to a lot of measurable improvements, from happier guests to higher occupancy, all the way to increased ADR and RevPAR for your hotel. But who is paying attention to RevPAR anyway?

So to sum it all up, if you’re aiming to miss out on guest interactions and service recovery opportunities, a more comfortable, effective environment for staff, and increased RevPar, Kipsu is probably not for you. But if not, let’s have a chat! Schedule a conversation with us today!

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