Wingate Niagara Falls Hospitality Highlight

Nina Brown shares her team's approach to elevating guest service using communication.

September 13, 2017
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Hospitality Highlight

Located mere steps away from one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, the Wingate Niagara Falls has welcomed visiting families and professionals since its opening in 2015. We sat down with Nina Brown to learn more about her team's approach to service and how they integrate with Kipsu.

Tell us about your guests.

"In-season, we definitely have more of a family vacation, couples, and leisure travel vibe. Every day is Saturday in Niagara Falls from June-August! Everyone is here to see the amazing falls, which have a nightly fireworks display. In our off-season, travelers still skew towards families and couples, but we do see many business travelers who especially appreciate Kipsu."

In your opinion, what's the key to providing stellar service?

"Without a doubt, communication is key to providing quality guest service. Kipsu allows the hotel and guests to connect like never before, making it unbelieveably easy to address guest needs at any time. It simply opens the door for the guest to get what they need to ensure a wonderful stay at our property."


What were some challenges your team faced when initially integrating with Kipsu?

"To be honest, Kipsu really designed this program in the most simplistic way that it literally just folded right in to our check-in process. Confirming contact information was always important to the hotel and now it helps us put that information to better use."

Do you have any memorable guest requests or Kipsu conversations that you'd like to share?

"Many of our guests have really connected with our front desk staff and texted in anecdotes and photos of their time at the falls. There once was a couple who got engaged on the "Maid of the Mist" tour boat and sent us their 'I do' moment!"

Has your team found any creative uses for Kipsu?

"Kipsu made connecting with guests so frictionless, some of our return guests arrange their next stay entirely through texting!"

What's one tip you have for properties implementing Kipsu?

"Don't forget to make sure your computer volume is turned up so you can hear the new message notifications! It's very easy on a busy day to get distracted, and the sound and pop-up notifications are super helpful to keep my attention on guest needs and questions."

Finally, is there a team member in particular you'd like to highlight for stellar service?

"I'd like to shout-out Joshua Holt, my night manager. He strives to keep send every guest welcome messages and keeps response times to a minimum. He is sure to have his own special notification sound so he can keep tags on guest needs. He always goes above and beyond for every guest!"

"To be honest, Kipsu designed this program in the most simplistic way that it just folded right in to our check-in process. Confirming guest contact information was always important to us, and Kipsu puts that information to better use!"

- Nina Brown, Front Desk Manager

Digital messaging, like Kipsu, can be a powerful tool to influence guest satisfaction. Software itself will not improve satisfaction scores, but it does empower staff to be more efficient, available, and aware. That's why Nina's team deserves a shout-out! They use Kipsu to welcome every guest at check in, provide personalized service throughout guest stays, and to catch negative feedback while they can act on it.

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