Guest Messaging for Management

The value of hospitality texting for hotel portfolios



January 24, 2023

Hotel guest messaging isn’t just for individual properties. With internal communication capabilities, reporting built in, and integrations for the most common PMS systems, top hotel texting services are an asset to management companies as well.

Communication across properties 

When running a portfolio of hotels, you want to maintain the same level of stellar service at all locations. Guests trust this service standard and come to you specifically for it. How can you ensure all staff is on the same page across properties?

Through hospitality texting, each individual hotel can provide personalized messaging, top-notch service, and an overall elevated guest experience. This doesn’t have to be more work, either—with tools such as templates for welcome and farewell messages, the process can be quick and even automated, without giving up that level of personal service.

Staff can also communicate with each other across properties—resolving issues, coordinating schedules, or just assisting each other in providing that standout service.

Internal communication

Talking between teams can also help at each property. Whether it’s resolving a maintenance issue by sending the request internally over to the correct team or coordinating housekeeping for early check-in, that behind-the-scenes communication can ensure a seamless experience for the guest.

Communicating internally also helps when onboarding new hires and getting new staff up to speed. With archived messages, digital downloads, and guest satisfaction statistics all in one platform, training is simple and doesn’t take time away from managers. 

Not to mention the feeling of community that can be created with an organized form of communication that isn’t just phone numbers or GroupMe. Team members can get to know one another, swap shifts, and plan company events—securely—within the platform. 

Top digital messaging platforms also integrate with PMS and work order systems, making it easier than ever to send off maintenance requests and fulfill orders. Guests won’t even see the backend coordination, they’ll just be impressed.

Proof of value

What good is a tool if you can’t see its impact? With hotel texting through top digital messaging systems, analytics are built right in: See the impact on guest experience, reward high-performing team members, and make informed decisions on how to improve processes at each and every property. 

These are just some of the ways that guest messaging can be used to accel at the management level. Learn more about hospitality messaging or schedule a conversation with the Kipsu team today.

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