Improving the Experience: For Both You and Your Guests

Hotel tech is changing the hospitality landscape. Here’s what people are saying about it.


Lucianne Colon


April 10, 2023

Mastering the art of hospitality lies in cultivating a memory. How a guest walks away and remembers their stay is the key to creating a ripple effect of new and returning guests. It’s human nature: Even during an overall positive stay, we tend to remember what went wrong. But when those wrongs are corrected immediately and empathetically, we remember that too. 

Sweating the small stuff

Often the inconveniences travelers face are “small enough” that they don’t feel compelled to bring attention to them—but do ultimately weigh into the overall perception of their stay. 


  • Dripping faucet
  • Missing hand soap
  • Not enough towels
  • Faulty lights, AC, outlets

Rather than replacing the in-person process, Kipsu’s technology acts as an assist in streamlining guest-to-front-desk communication. When staff have the right tools, no guest falls through the cracks with unmet needs. And when travelers feel cared for, they promote repeat business, positive reviews, and recommendations to their networks.

“We’re constantly communicating with guests, and it makes it very easy to follow up with the guest if there was any sort of issue or something we could have done better…It’s really helped us ensure that their whole stay is great.” 
-Area General Manager Aaron Franklin, Hilton Garden Inn 

Opening Lines of Communication

Issues go unaddressed because guests don’t always reveal that they have one! Digital messaging bridges the gap between the guest’s inconvenience and the front desk finding out about it.

“It opens this line of conversation for you to ask, ‘Is the room comfortable? What are your plans for the weekend?’”
-General Manager Eric Satina, Crowne Plaza Suites Pittsburgh South

Guests are much more likely to reveal that they have issues over text vs making a call or finding a staff member in person. There can be a number of reasons for this: From guests not wanting to engage in confrontation (let’s be real—who likes that?) to simply not having the spare time. 

“I enjoy communicating with guests using whatever means is easiest for them, and text messaging seems to be a strong form of communication—in many aspects the more preferred method.”
-Hotel Manager John Anastasopoulos, Ambassador Hotel Kansas City

Texting is the most unobtrusive and reliable method of communication. Without interrupting a guest’s schedule, the front desk can peek into each guest’s stay. Kipsu helps take the load off customer service workers by streamlining and consolidating work flow. 

Stepping in and stepping up

Challenges, no matter how small, can lead to negative impressions of the destination and travel providers. And while some shortcomings are unavoidable, an excellent recovery can become a part of your guest’s highlight reel. There’s always an opportunity to turn a hiccup into a huzzah. 

Hotel tech is making everything easier, and the days of losing your room key are close to over. Learn more about how Kipsu is transforming the guest experience through guest messaging by scheduling a conversation today!

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