Giving Hotel Teams Confidence With Hospitality Messaging



June 29, 2022

Making teams comfortable and confident should always be top of mind in any industry, but it’s especially important when turnover is as high as it’s been in hospitality.

Using tools like guest messaging for hospitality can help boost team members’ confidence with tools like quick replies, archives of past conversations, and features that hand off guest conversations to other team members.

The efficiency of hospitality texting 

Teams that use hotel texting services have shown higher efficiency in day-to-day operations, onboarding, and across teams like housekeeping and maintenance. Instead of fielding calls and lines at the front desk, hotel teams can message multiple guests at once, hand off maintenance requests, and catch problems before they become a negative review. 

Having conversations over texting for hotels instead of face to face can also help newer or more introverted team members adjust. Dealing with a not-so-satisfied customer over digital messaging can potentially be less intense than an in-person conversation, and is an easier way to de-escalate. 

These factors can help team members feel more comfortable with day-to-day interactions and further elevate the experience for guests!

Conversation history 

With an archive of all past conversations, should users choose to keep it, top hotel messaging solutions allow team members to research answers to questions and find information they might need to solve a guest request. 

This can help new team members feel prepared to answer questions and serve guests right away, as well as allow for more tenured managers to focus on other work at the hotel rather than onboarding.

Via Digital Assets, front desk teams can also keep files such as restaurant menus, hours of operation, and things to do in the area on hand within the platform to send out for easy answers. Get questions about parking and the Wi-Fi password a lot? Compile property information into a document and send it out to guests via welcome messages upon their arrival.

Quick replies that populate based on commonly asked questions are also a helpful tool within top hotel texting services —new team members can answer requests correctly and efficiently, and tenured members can handle multiple requests at once.

Hand it off

If a team member doesn’t have the answer, or the guest request simply needs to go to a different department, features such as Handoff and Dispatch available with top hotel messaging solutions are key. 

Users can simply select a conversation and “hand it off” or assign it to another team member within the platform, where they can then reply to the same conversation from their desktop or smartphone. 

Not only does this help with newer team members as they get trained on, but also with overall team efficiency and the guest experience. 

Learn more about how hotel texting can keep team members confident and efficient or schedule a conversation with our team today!

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